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Q-BOND Fiberglass Reinforced Bonding Cement

Q-Bond is a fiberglass reinforced bonding cement that will make a wall stronger both laterally and vertically. It is an alternate to the mortar system, as you can build block walls without using mortar between the joints.

Q-Bond is used as a stucco coat that provides a strong and attractive appearance. It can be used in conjuntion with CMU walls or simply spread over existing concrete surfaces.


  • Attractive– Provides a nice stucco appearance.
  • Durable– Will add years to concrete masonry.
  • Strong– Tested and proven stronger that conventional mortared walls.
  • Economical– 70% more productivity can be achieved using a surface bonded wall system.
  • Low maintenance– Needs no paint and the wall is waterproofed.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Can be painted.

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